Wednesday 6 July 2016

The first selection in Massif Central

Col du Pas de Peyrol
2016:5,4 km@8,1%---15:00---average speed 21.60 km/h(25 riders peloton)
2004:5,4 km@8,1%---15:53---average speed 20.40 km/h(Denis Menchov)
                             ---16:03---average speed 20.19 km/h(30 riders peloton)

Col du Perthus
2016:4,5 km@8,2%---13:55---average speed 19.40 km/h(25 riders peloton)
2011:4,5 km@8,2%---14:30---average speed 18.62 km/h(Johnny Hoogerland)
                             ---15:00---average speed 18.00 km/h(Thomas Voeckler)

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  1. Nice to see cycling is faster than a doped up russian