Sunday 10 July 2016

Hail storm slows down the riders on Arcalis

Puerto de la Bonaigua
2016:16,3 km@5,8%---37:20---average speed 26.20 km/h(Pinot-De Gendt)
                                  ---38:36---average speed 25.34 km/h(30 riders peloton)

Port del Canto
2016:19,0 km@5,5%---50:59---average speed 22.36 km/h(De Gendt-Pinot)
                                  ---53:38---average speed 21.26 km/h(Peloton)

Alto de la Comella 
2016:4,3 km@8,0%---12:27---average speed 20.72 km/h(40 riders peloton)
2015:4,3 km@8,0%---12:30---average speed 20.64 km/h(Pozzovivo-T. Dumoulin-Nieve-Meintjes-Torres-Rosa-L.L. Sanchez)
                                ---13:09---average speed 19.62 km/h(Aru-Quintana-Brambilla-Chaves-Majka)
                                ---13:17---average speed 19.42 km/h(Rodriguez-Valverde-D.Moreno)

Collada de Beixalis
2016:6,5 km@8,6%---21:58---average speed 17.75 km/h(30 riders peloton)
2015:6,5 km@8,6%---20:14---average speed 19.28 km/h(Fraile-Sicard-Oliveira-Atapuma-Coppel)
                                ---20:56---average speed 18.63 km/h(30 riders peloton)

2016:10,0 km@7,0%---26:42---average speed 22.47 km/h(A.Yates-Froome-Quintana-Porte-D.Martin)
                                  ---29:40---average speed 20.22 km/h(Tom Dumoulin)

2009:10,0 km@7,0%---26:53---average speed 22.32 km/h(Alberto Contador)
                                  ---29:30---average speed 20.34 km/h(Brice Feillu)
2007:10,0 km@7,0%---27:08---average speed 22.11 km/h(Menchov-Evans-S.Sanchez-Beltran-Sastre-V.Efimkin-Piepoli)
2005:10,0 km@7,0%---26:30---average speed 22.64 km/h(Mancebo-Heras-Menchov)
2000:10,0 km@7,0%---26:14---average speed 22.87 km/h(Roberto Heras)
                                  ---26:49---average speed 22.37 km/h(Manuel Beltran)
                                  ---27:06---average speed 22.14 km/h(Pavel Tonkov) 
                                  ---27:34---average speed 21.77 km/h(Roberto Laiseka)
1999:10,0 km@7,0%---26:18---average speed 22.81 km/h(Heras-J.M.Jimenez-Piepoli)
                                  ---27:26---average speed 21.87 km/h(Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano)
1997:10,0 km@7,0%---24:55---average speed 24.08 km/h(Jan Ullrich)-RECORD
                                  ---26:03---average speed 23.03 km/h(Pantani-Virenque)


  1. Fat Ullrich much better than super climbing talent Quitana! :D

    1. Probably would make sense for you to watch Ullrich's ride up Arcalis. Anyone calling him fat in that Tour didn't watch it.

      Not troubled that this was one of the fastest times ever, ridden in a hailstorm, beating several top times by known dopers?

      The peloton is doped as always.

    2. Simon De Pomeroy27 June 2017 at 16:16

      The record set by Jan Ullrich on the final 10.0 km of the ascent to Arcalis in 1997 was, in fact, 22:55 (NOT 24:55 as stated above), at an average speed of 27.5 km/h.

      The same year (1997), Pantani and Virenque rode it in 23:36 (NOT 26:03).

      In 2009, Contador rode it in 25:22 (NOT 26:53).

    3. All the times are verified. 27.50 km/h is not possible anyway on such a climb. Not even in 1997.
      22:55 might be a correct time but not from my starting point.

  2. Watch this Video, it starts around 10:21 10km and ends at 34:47