Saturday, 13 October 2018

Monumental Pinot!

Muro di  Sormano
2018:1,9 km@15,8%---8:48---average speed 12.95 km/h(Pinot-Nibali)
2017:1,9 km@15,8%---9:45---average speed 11.69 km/h(20 riders group)
2015:1,9 km@15,8%---9:08---average speed 12.48 km/h(Rosa-Nibali-D. Moreno-Chaves-Pinot-Landa-Valverde)
2013:1,9 km@15,8%---9:32---average speed 11.96 km/h(Dario Cataldo)
2012:1,9 km@15,8%---9:20---average speed 12.21 km/h(Henao-Rodriguez)
1962:1,9 km@15,8%---9:24---average speed 12.13 km/h(Ercole Baldini) (source:
1961:1,9 km@15,8%---11:20---average speed 10.06 km/h(Arnaldo Pambianco) (source:
1960:1,9 km@15,8%---10:09---average speed 11.23 km/h(Imerio Massignan) (source:

2018:4,1 km@9,8%---13:00---average speed 18.92 km/h(Dan Martin)
                                ---13:06---average speed 18.78 km/h(Thibaut Pinot)
                                ---13:24---average speed 18.36 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)
2017:4,1 km@9,8%---12:45---average speed 19.29 km/h(Nibali-Pinot)
2015:4,1 km@9,8%---13:13---average speed 18.61 km/h(Rosa-Pinot-D.Moreno-Valverde-Nibali-Chaves-Nieve)


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