Thursday, 11 October 2018

Thibaut Pinot flying again in Italy

2018:4,9 km@8,9%---13:48---average speed 21.30 km/h(Thibaut Pinot)
2017:4,9 km@8,9%---13:51---average speed 21.23 km/h(Rigoberto Uran)
2016:4,9 km@8,9%---14:00---average speed 21.00 km/h(Miguel Angel Lopez)
2015:4,9 km@8,9%---13:40---average speed 21.51 km/h(Diego Rosa)       
2015:4,9 km@8,9%---15:09---average speed 19.41 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)

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