Monday, 1 October 2018

Innsbruck rainbows for the climbers

2018:7,8 km@5,7%---17:00---average speed 27.53 km/h(Michael Valgren) - Elite Men
2018:7,8 km@5,7%---19:12---average speed 24.37 km/h(Anna van der Breggen) - Elite Women
2018:7,8 km@5,7%---16:55---average speed 27.67 km/h(Hirschi-Lambrecht-Hanninen) - U23 Men
2018:7,8 km@5,7%---17:30---average speed 26.74 km/h(Evenepoel-Vacek) - Junior Men
2018:7,8 km@5,7%---20:30---average speed 22.83 km/h(Boilard-Malcotti-Stigger) - Junior Women
2018:7,8 km@5,7%---17:00---average speed 27.53 km/h(Thibaut Pinot) - Tour of the Alps

2018:2,8 km@11,2%---9:50---average speed 17.08 km/h(Bardet-Valverde-Woods)


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