Sunday, 20 January 2019

Win number 6 for Richie on Willunga!

Old Willunga Hill
2019:3,6 km@7,1%---8:12---average speed 26.34 km/h(Richie Porte)
2018:3,6 km@7,1%---8:26---average speed 25.61 km/h(Richie Porte)
2017:3,6 km@7,1%---7:41---average speed 28.11 km/h(Richie Porte)-RECORD
2016:3,6 km@7,1%---7:48---average speed 27.69 km/h(Richie Porte)
2015:3,6 km@7,1%---7:48---average speed 27.69 km/h(Richie Porte)
2014:3,6 km@7,1%---8:18---average speed 26.02 km/h(Richie Porte)
2013:3,6 km@7,1%---8:01---average speed 26.94 km/h(Gerrans-Slagter)
2012:3,6 km@7,1%---8:47---average speed 24.59 km/h(Valverde-Gerrans)
2011:3,6 km@7,1%---8:44---average speed 24.73 km/h(Ben Hermans)
2010:3,6 km@7,1%---8:25---average speed 25.66 km/h(Valverde-L.L.Sanchez-Evans-Sagan)

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