Saturday, 26 May 2018

Mikel Nieve raid ends Il Giro

Colle Tzecore 
2018:16,1 km@7,5%---49:35---average speed 19.48 km/h(Ciccone-Gesink-Bouwman-Nieve group)
                                   ---50:20---average speed 19.19 km/h(30 riders peloton)

Col Saint-Pantaleon
2018:16,2 km@7,3%---48:00---average speed 20.25 km/h(Mikel Nieve)
                                  ---50:20---average speed 19.31 km/h(30 riders peloton)
2015:16,2 km@7,3%---50:09---average speed 19.38 km/h(Benat Intxausti)
                                  ---50:17---average speed 19.33 km/h(Steven Kruijswijk)
                                  ---50:35---average speed 19.22 km/h(30 riders peloton)

2018:18,8 km@5,1%---43:22---average speed 26.01 km/h(Poels-Froome-Formolo-Pozzovivo-Carapaz-Oomen-Lopez)
                                  ---46:18---average speed 24.36 km/h(Mikel Nieve)
2015:18,8 km@5,1%---41:52---average speed 26.94 km/h(Fabio Aru)
1997:18,6 km@5,5%---42:23---average speed 26.33 km/h(Ivan Gotti) -finish at 2060m
                                  ---43:03---average speed 25.92 km/h(Nicola Miceli)
                                  ---43:32---average speed 25.64 km/h(Tonkov-Piepoli-Shefer)


  1. How come no times for yesterday's epic stage? I wanna know how fast Froome climbed the Finestre!

  2. Good point Owens! Expectations are high Mihai!

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