Monday, 14 May 2018

Cerler returns and so do the Basque climbers!


Alto del Ampriu-Cerler
2018:12,2 km@5,8%---29:36---average speed 24.73 km/h(Mikel Bizkarra)
2007:12,2 km@5,8%---29:09---average speed 25.11 km/h(Piepoli-Menchov)
2005:12,2 km@5,8%---29:38---average speed 24.90 km/h(Roberto Laiseka)
1996:12,2 km@5,8%---28:02---average speed 26.11 km/h(Oliverio Rincon)-RECORD
1991:12,2 km@5,8%---32:00---average speed 22.88 km/h(Ivan Ivanov)
1990:12,2 km@5,8%---32:55---average speed 22.24 km/h(Farfan-Parra)
1989:12,2 km@5,8%---33:43---average speed 21.71 km/h(Delgado-Morales-Vargas-Parra)
1988:12,2 km@5,8%---32:50---average speed 22.29 km/h(Parra-Fuerte)-start not filmed

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