Friday 18 July 2014

The hot Chamrousse, under Vincenzo Nibali's control

Col de Palaquit
2014:15,2 km@6,0%---43:38---average speed 20.90 km/h(Alessandro De Marchi)
                              ---45:05---average speed 20.23 km/h(Peloton)

2014:18,3 km@7,3%---50:00---average speed 21.96 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)
2001:18,3 km@7,3%---47:46---average speed 22.99 km/h(Lance Armstrong)-RECORD
                              ---48:07---average speed 22.82 km/h(Roberto Laiseka)
                              ---48:35---average speed 22.60 km/h(Jan Ullrich)
                              ---48:51---average speed 22.48 km/h(Joseba Beloki)
                              ---49:14---average speed 22.30 km/h(Oscar Sevilla)

Important mention:
The 2001 ascent of Chamrousse was ridden in a 32 km individual time trial.

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