Thursday 24 July 2014

Stunning Hautacam ascent by the great Nibali

Col du Tourmalet
2014:17 km@7,4%---50:50---average speed 20.07 km/h(Kadri-Nieve)
                                ---51:35---average speed 19.77 km/h(30 riders peloton)
2011:17 km@7,4%---48:36---average speed 20.99 km/h(Laurens Ten Dam)
                               ---48:46---average speed 20.92 km/h(Yury Trofimov)
                               ---48:56---average speed 20.84 km/h(25 riders peloton)
2010:17 km@7,4%---52:23---average speed 19.47 km/h(Moreau-Fedrigo)
                               ---56:07---average speed 18.18 km/h(40 riders peloton)
2009:17 km@7,4%---52:56---average speed 19.27 km/h(Garate-Voeckler-Moncoutie-Van Den Broeck-Martinez-Paulinho-Ten Dam-Txurruka)
                              ---53:56---average speed 18.91 km/h(B.Feillu-50 riders peloton)
2008:17 km@7,4%---49:04---average speed 20.79 km/h(Ricco-Sastre-Cobo-Piepoli-Menchov-Evans-V.Efimkin-Kohl-A.Schleck-F.Schleck-Duenas-Vandevelde-Kirchen)
                               ---49:13---average speed 20.72 km/h(Jens Voigt)
                               ---49:39---average speed 20.54 km/h(Siutsou-Nibali)
                               ---49:47---average speed 20.49 km/h(Arroyo-Pereiro-Valverde-Pauriol-Cioni-Valjavec-Ten Dam-Monfort)
2003:17 km@7,4%---47:36---average speed 21.43 km/h(Ullrich-Armstrong-Zubeldia-Mayo)
                               ---48:08---average speed 21.19 km/h(Moreau-Basso-Hamilton)
                               ---48:40---average speed 20.96 km/h(Totschnig-Menchov-Sastre-Beltran-Rubiera-Jaksche-Laiseka-Garmendia-Pellizotti-Halgand)
                               ---48:53---average speed 20.87 km/h(Vinokourov-Mercado)
                               ---50:19---average speed 20.27 km/h(Virenque-Dufaux-Plaza-Mancebo-Boogerd-Rous-Azevedo-J.E.Gutierrez-Goubert)
2001:17 km@7,4%---51:22---average speed 19.86 km/h(Garzelli-Laiseka-Cardenas-Ullrich-Menchov-Armstrong-Sastre)
                               ---51:37---average speed 19.76 km/h(Beloki-Kivilev-Chaureau-Heras-Sevilla-Rous-Goubert group)
1999:17 km@7,4%---47:10---average speed 21.63 km/h(Alberto Elli)
                               ---47:14---average speed 21.59 km/h(Tonkov-D.Etxebarria)
                               ---47:27---average speed 21.50 km/h(Andrea Peron)
                               ---47:33---average speed 21.45 km/h(Escartin-Armstrong-Livingston-Zulle-Dufaux-Virenque-Contreras-Guerini-Belli-Totschnig-Vinokourov-R.Meier)
                               ---50:05---average speed 20.37 km/h(Olano group)
1995:17 km@7,4%---47:00---average speed 21.70 km/h(Indurain-Zulle-Riis)
                               ---47:45---average speed 21.36 km/h(Gotti-Madouas)
                               ---47:57---average speed 21.27 km/h(Chiappucci-Escartin-Buenahora)
                               ---48:05---average speed 21.21 km/h(Richard Virenque)
                               ---48:20---average speed 21.10 km/h(Jalabert-Lanfranchi)
1994:17 km@7,4%---49:53---average speed 20.45 km/h(Richard Virenque)
                               ---50:00---average speed 20.40 km/h(Marco Pantani)
                               ---52:47---average speed 19.32 km/h(15 riders peloton)
1993:17 km@7,4%---45:48---average speed 22.27 km/h(Rominger-Jaskula)-RECORD
                               ---46:23---average speed 21.99 km/h(Rincon-Unzaga)
                               ---46:40---average speed 21.86 km/h(Chiappucci-Indurain-Ghirotto-Mejia-Dojwa-Gorospe-Hampsten-Millar-Vona)
                               ---46:56---average speed 21.73 km/h(Antonio Martin)
                               ---47:10---average speed 21.63 km/h(Nelson Rodriguez)
                               ---47:32---average speed 21.46 km/h(Conti-Elli-Bugno-Escartin-Roche-Riis)

2014:13,5 km@7,9%---37:23---average speed 21.67 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)
2008:13,5 km@7,9%---37:30---average speed 21.60 km/h(Piepoli-Cobo)
2000:13,5 km@7,9%---36:20---average speed 22.29 km/h(Lance Armstrong)
1996:13,5 km@7,9%---34:38---average speed 23.39 km/h(Bjarne Riis)-RECORD
1994:13,5 km@7,9%---35:19---average speed 22.94 km/h(Luc Leblanc)


  1. Your Tourmalet times are wrong.For example the Ullrich group in 2003 did the 17km in 44:30

    1. I assure you that there is no time wrong there. All of them were timed and verified multiple times by me. Also 44:30 is impossible for a climb like Tourmalet. Maybe only if it's MTF after a flat stage and raced in 1996. On the first part of the climb that year, Sylvain Chavanel in the breakaway put time on the peloton. They started to go fast only after Gripp.

  2. Seems kind of suspicious...but I enjoy watching doped up cyclists, just like I enjoy watching doped up athletes in all sports. Those of you who think cycling has ever been clean are severly myopic. Always has been and always will be dirty (it's just more sophisticated now) but I'm ok with that fact. Now let's see if Nibali rides a faster TT than all the specialists or if he tones it down; I personally want to see him win the tour by double digits. Let's go VN!!

  3. the nibali's time on hautacam is better then piepoli in 2008 who was banned for doping that year. you think nibali is doped?

    1. I think Nibali is a great athlete. This is not a science blog, it's just a statistics blog for cycling fans who are free to think whatever they want.

  4. Did riis go faster than armstrong in 2000?
    I am surprised because armstrong climbed like a rocket that day.