Saturday 19 July 2014

New record of speed on Risoul!

Col d'Izoard
2014:19,1 km@6,0%---50:25---average speed 22.73 km/h(Rodriguez-Majka-Nieve breakaway group)
                              ---50:53---average speed 22.52 km/h(30 riders peloton)
2003:19,1 km@6,0%---52:24---average speed 21.87 km/h(Juan Miguel Mercado)
                              ---52:34---average speed 21.80 km/h(Aitor Garmendia)
                              ---55:32---average speed 20.64 km/h(Peloton)

Station de Risoul
2014:12,6 km@6,9%---31:45---average speed 23.81 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)-RECORD
                               ---32:20---average speed 23.38 km/h(Rafal Majka)
2013:13,9 km@6,7%---36:47---average speed 22.67 km/h(Froome-Talansky)
2010:12,8 km@6,9%---32:36---average speed 23.56 km/h(Nairo Quintana)
2010:12,8 km@6,9%---34:21---average speed 22.36 km/h(Nicolas Vogondy)

Important mention
Nairo Quintana's time was recorded during a 13,5 km individual time trial.


  1. How fast was Majka today? :-)

    1. I think he starded with 50-55 sec advantage at the foot of Risoul. I will verify it later. Because of the lack of drafting, i think he was the strongest guy today.

  2. Where was the starting point in 2013? It is supposed to be 13,9 km from the finish but the climb is only 12,6-12,8 km long. Or was the finish higher up in Risoul in 2013? I think the length 13,9 km stated in 2013 is wrong.

    1. It was a different start, from Les Isclasses.
      Here a pic:

    2. Thanks, that makes sense. From this starting point the climb is longer and a little less steep.