Sunday 25 May 2014

Fabio Aru, super fast but still far away of Pantani

Plan di Montecampione
2014:18,7 km@7,7%---53:18---average speed 21.05 km/h(Fabio Aru)
1998:18,7 km@7,7%---49:44---average speed 22.56 km/h(Marco Pantani)
                              ---50:41---average speed 22.14 km/h(Pavel Tonkov)
                              ---53:00---average speed 21.17 km/h(Giuseppe Guerini)
                              ---53:48---average speed 20.86 km/h(Secchiari-Clavero)

1 comment:

  1. If Sky signs him, they'll find a way to speed him up. It's a good thing he's not as fast as a DOPED Pantani.