Sunday, 9 September 2018

Pinot signs one of the fastest ascents on Los Lagos!

Lagos de Covadonga
2018:12,2 km@7,0%---32:40---average speed 22.41 km/h(Thibaut Pinot)
2016:12,2 km@7,0%---32:35---average speed 22.47 km/h(Nairo Quintana)
2014:12,2 km@7,0%---34:05---average speed 21.48 km/h(Valverde-Rodriguez)
                                  ---37:40---average speed 19.43 km/h(Przemyslaw Niemiec)
2012:12,2 km@7,0%---33:41---average speed 21.73 km/h(Valverde-Rodriguez-Contador)
                                  ---35:55---average speed 20.38 km/h(Antonio Piedra)
2010:12,2 km@7,0%---34:11---average speed 21.41 km/h(Ezequiel Mosquera)
                                  ---37:21---average speed 19.60 km/h(Carlos Barredo)
2007:12,2 km@7,0%---33:15---average speed 22.02 km/h(Piepoli-Menchov-Sastre)
                                  ---34:23---average speed 21.29 km/h(Vladimir Efimkin)
2005:12,2 km@7,0%---32:22---average speed 22.62 km/h(Gilberto Simoni)
                                  ---33:35---average speed 21.80 km/h(Eladio Jimenez)
2001:12,2 km@7,0%---33:21---average speed 21.95 km/h(Juan Miguel Mercado)
2000:12,2 km@7,0%---32:29---average speed 22.53 km/h(Roberto Heras)
                                  ---35:02---average speed 20.89 km/h(Andrei Zintchenko)
1997:12,8 km@7,0%---33:47---average speed 22.73 km/h(Pavel Tonkov)-RECORD
1996:12,8 km@7,0%---34:20---average speed 22.37 km/h(Jalabert-Zulle)
1989:12,5 km@7,2%---38:21---average speed 19.56 km/h(Oscar de Jesus Vargas)
                                  ---38:36---average speed 19.43 km/h(Alvaro Pino)
1985:12,5 km@7,2%---39:27---average speed 19.01 km/h(Pedro Delgado)


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