Sunday 16 July 2017

Froome saves it after fast chase

Col de Peyra Taillade
2017:8,5 km@7,3%---22:03---average speed 23.13 km/h(Christopher Froome)
                                ---22:41---average speed 22.48 km/h(Vuillermoz-Bardet-Uran-Aru-Contador-D.Martin-Landa-Meintjes-S.Yates)
                                ---23:17---average speed 21.90 km/h(Waren Barguil)

1 comment:

  1. I did measure 21:50 for Froome (40s more for other favorites) taking the starting point of the mountain prize (8.3km of the uphill). So Froome did around 6.2 W/kg average on the uphill if cyclingpowerlab calculates correct. Bardet 6W/kg.