Wednesday 16 September 2020

Superman Lopez conquers high altitude Col de la Loze


Col de la Madeleine via Montgellafrey                                                                                            2020:19,3 km@7,9%---59:25---average speed 19.49 km/h(25 riders peloton)                                    2020:19,3 km@7,9%---1:00:00---average speed 19.30 km/h(Davide Formolo)                                                                        ---1:01:45---average speed 18.75 km/h(70 riders peloton)

Col de la Loze 
2020:21,5 km@7,7%---1:00:45---average speed 21.23 km/h(Miguel Angel Lopez)
2019:21,5 km@7,7%---1:02:45---average speed 20.56 km/h(Alexander Evans)-Strava

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  1. Ok Tour did let the Madeleine climb officially start at 17.1 km from the top (I guess to have a higher average gradient). I just wondered because I clearly remembered to have manually stopped a time of under 1h. And Bahrain really started to pace up right at this point. And to Col de la Loze and people wondering of no bigger time gaps, from the viewpoint of pure altitude gain it's quite comparable to Mount Ventoux etc.; (what makes it so "special" is the irregularity in the last 6K and the height of 2300m).