Saturday 19 September 2020

Incredible Pogacar wins the Tour with a new record!


La Planche des Belles Filles 
2020:5,9 km@8,5%---16:10---average speed 21.90 km/h(Tadej Pogacar)-RECORD
2019:5,9 km@8,5%---17:30---average speed 20.23 km/h(Thomas Pidcock) -Strava
2019:7,0 km@8,7%---20:02---average speed 20.97 km/h(Geraint Thomas)-finish at 1139m
2017:5,9 km@8,5%---16:12---average speed 21.85 km/h(Fabio Aru)
2014:5,9 km@8,5%---16:44---average speed 21.16 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)
2012:5,9 km@8,5%---16:20---average speed 21.67 km/h(Chris Froome)


  1. With changing bikes (at minimum +10s on climbing time) and no drafting. With the attitude Jumbo Visma rode since day one (is a more arrogant way possible?) I've got quite a bit of "Schadenfreude" (not for Roglic but for the team).

    1. Hm, yes it seems that you're right. Something went completely wrong in Team Jumbo-Visma the last days. Only three examples: banned manager from LeTour, stupid TT-Helmet for Roglic, and the failed bike change at the first meters of the climb to La Planche. Perhaps much more went wrong, but we'll never know as normal spectators.

  2. Roglic time today?

  3. Roglic 2020: 17:31

  4. Where do you get these stats?

  5. Van Aert time climbing? Thank you

  6. Top 25 on Belles Filles.

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