Monday, 17 June 2019

Jesus Herrada, first winner of the Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge

Mont Ventoux
2019:19,5 km@7,9%---58:35---average speed 19.97 km/h(Jesus Herrada)
2013:21,5 km@7,5%---59:00---average speed 21.86 km/h(Chris Froome)
2009:21,5 km@7,5%---58:45---average speed 21.96 km/h(A.Schleck-Contador)                                                                    ---1:02:20---average speed 20.70 km/h(Juan Manuel Garate)
2009:21,5 km@7,5%---1:00:10---average speed 21.44 km/h(Szmyd-Valverde)
2007:21,5 km@7,5%---59:44---average speed 21.60 km/h(Christophe Moreau)
2006:21,5 km@7,5%---59:47---average speed 21.58 km/h(Menchov-Moreau)
2004:21,5 km@7,5%---55:51---average speed 23.10 km/h(Iban Mayo)-RECORD
2002:21,5 km@7,5%---59:00---average speed 21.86 km/h(Lance Armstrong)
                                  ---1:04:14---average speed 20.08 km/h(Richard Virenque)
2000:21,5 km@7,5%---59:05---average speed 21.83 km/h(Pantani-Armstrong)
1999:21,5 km@7,5%---56:50---average speed 22.70 km/h(Jonathan Vaughters)
1994:21,5 km@7,5%---57:34---average speed 22.41 km/h(Marco Pantani) (source:
1987:21,5 km@7,5%---1:01:30---average speed 20.98 km/h(Jean-Francois Bernard)(source:The book "Tour 87: The 1987 Tour of Italy and Tour De France"
1958:21,5 km@7,5%---1:02:09---average speed 20.76 km/h(Charly Gaul)


  1. Do you have the time from St Estèves to the summit?

  2. 50'26" according to a regular contributor to Cyclingnews forum.
    BTW : according to l'Equipe (I kept that issue) in 1987 Jeff Bernard's time from Bédoin to the summit was 58:08, 30 sec faster than Herrera.

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