Friday, 21 June 2019

A high-level return on Flumserberg!

2019: 8,4 km@9,2%---24:48---average speed 20.32 km/h(Egan Bernal)
                                 ---26:18---average speed 19.16 km/h(Antwan Tolhoek)
2013:10,4 km@9,0%---33:02---average speed 18.89 km/h(Rui Costa)
                                  ---33:03---average speed 18.88 km/h(Arnold Jeannesson)
                                  ---33:08---average speed 18.83 km/h(Bauke Mollema)
                                  ---33:18---average speed 18.74 km/h(Michele Scarponi)
                                  ---33:23---average speed 18.69 km/h(Tanel Kangert)
2008:10,4 km@9,0%---31:56---average speed 19.54 km/h(Igor Anton)
1995: 8,4 km@9,2%---23:35---average speed 21.37 km/h(Marco Pantani)-RECORD


  1. Marco lost 1 month of training after the crash on 1st may.. so it was an outstanding climbing

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