Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sepp Kuss smashes the Snowbird record!

2018:10,2 km@8,0%---28:15---average speed 21.66 km/h(Sepp Kuss)-RECORD 
2017:10,2 km@8,0%---30:48---average speed 19.87 km/h(Giulio Ciccone)
2016:10,2 km@8,0%---30:50---average speed 19.85 km/h(Talansky-Atapuma)
2015:10,2 km@8,0%---29:14---average speed 20.94 km/h(Joe Dombrowski)
2014:10,2 km@8,0%---30:35---average speed 20.01 km/h(Wilco Kelderman)
2013:10,2 km@8,0%---29:50---average speed 20.51 km/h(Horner-Danielson)
2012:10,2 km@8,0%---29:12---average speed 20.96 km/h(Johann Tschopp)
2011:10,2 km@8,0%---31:12---average speed 19.62 km/h(Henao-Leipheimer)

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