Tuesday 8 August 2017

Thermo-nuclear W52 strikes Portugal!

Senhora da Graca
2017:8,4 km@7,4%---20:55---average speed 24.10 km/h(Raul Alarcon)
2016:8,4 km@7,4%---21:13---average speed 23.75 km/h(Gustavo Cesar Veloso)
2015:8,4 km@7,4%---21:10---average speed 23.81 km/h(Brandao-Veloso)
                                ---25:07---average speed 20.07 km/h(Filipe Cardoso)
2014:8,4 km@7,4%---21:53---average speed 23.03 km/h(Pinto-Veloso)
2013:8,4 km@7,4%---22:48---average speed 22.11 km/h(Sergio Pardilla)
2012:8,4 km@7,4%---21:53---average speed 23.03 km/h(Rui Sousa)
2011:8,4 km@7,4%---21:48---average speed 23.12 km/h(Broco-Mestre)
2010:8,4 km@7,4%---21:36---average speed 23.33 km/h(David Blanco)
2009:8,4 km@7,4%---21:52---average speed 23.05 km/h(Cabreira-N.Ribeiro)
2008:8,4 km@7,4%---21:14---average speed 23.74 km/h(Juan Jose Cobo)
2001:8,4 km@7,4%---22:00---average speed 22.91 km/h(Zintchenko-Jeker-Mercado)
                                ---25:00---average speed 20.16 km/h(Jose Luis Rebollo)


  1. It is unbelivel how it continues without anyone doing anything, less and less foreign teams go to Portugal every year, everyone knows what is going on. The foreign teams that leave the Volta, someone has to make some "noise" for this to be resolved.

  2. Open and free registration, for teams that comply with the UCI rules.
    Number of teams registered far from the limit of the organization.
    And you're right "Anonymous", all those who are here, are the only needed.
    Go W52-FCP, to celebrate in SOBRADO!

  3. Does this climb have an insane tailwind or something? Because this complete rando just turned in a performance nearly on par with Contador on Verbier - same speed and distance, just .3% less steep.