Saturday 20 May 2017

Tom Dumoulin flattens Oropa!

Santuario di Oropa
2017:6,7 km@8%---17:37---average speed 22.82 km/h(Tom Dumoulin)
2014:6,7 km@8%---18:30---average speed 21.73 km/h(Nairo Quintana)
                          ---19:51---average speed 20.25 km/h(Battaglin-Cataldo)
2007:6,7 km@8%---18:12---average speed 22.09 km/h(Leonardo Piepoli)
1999:6,7 km@8%---17:04---average speed 23.55 km/h(Marco Pantani)-RECORD
1993:6,7 km@8%---18:12---average speed 22.09 km/h(Piotr Ugrumov)
                          ---19:44---average speed 20.37 km/h(Massimo Ghirotto)


  1. Dear Mihai,

    I think that Dumoulin made it in 17:27 (and the rest of rivals should get their correct times accordingly, I suppose).

    Have a look at this video, for instance:

    Tom goes by the sign on the left roadside (as shown in your Streetview screenshot, and coherently with Pantani's time) at 12'48" and crosses the line at 30'15".
    That's 17:27.
    You can crosscheck that watching 12'38", which would give a final time of 17:37... there's still a good way to go before the crossroads.

    The rest is perfect, and this is the best reference point.

    As always, thanks for your work.

    1. Ciao Gabriele!
      Thanks for your concern about the time. But the problem is with the video you used, it's edited, some seconds are misssing. Always use more than one video when you check the time ascents like that, to be sure.
      You can see on this video that the time I took LIVE with a stopwatch is the correct one:

      Thanks for your message.

    2. Ah ah ah, you're right. I had checked three different videos and the one I posted was the longest one (the differences were tiny, always a few seconds), hence I thought that it he had to be "right one"... but clearly it wasn't so. The longer videos wins ;-)