Sunday 31 May 2015

Fabio Aru, the fastest ever on Sestriere!

Colle delle Finestre
2015:18,3 km@9,2%---1:02:51---average speed 17.47 km/h(Mikel Landa)
                              ---1:03:26---average speed 17.31 km/h(Hesjedal-Uran-Aru)
                              ---1:03:34---average speed 17.27 km/h(Ilnur Zakarin)
                              ---1:04:22---average speed 17.06 km/h (Alberto Contador)
2011:18,3 km@9,2%---1:02:09---average speed 17.67 km/h(Jose Rujano)-RECORD
                              ---1:03:44---average speed 17.23 km/h(Rodriguez-Contador-Kruijswijk-Scarponi-Gadret-Menchov)
                              ---1:03:59---average speed 17.16 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)
                              ---1:04:00---average speed 17.16 km/h(Vasil Kiryienka)
2005:18,3 km@9,2%---1:03:34---average speed 17.27 km/h(Di Luca-Simoni-Rujano)
                              ---1:04:44---average speed 16.96 km/h(Valjavec-Garate)
                              ---1:05:31---average speed 16.76 km/h(Gonchar-Van Huffel)
                              ---1:05:53---average speed 16.67 km/h(Savoldelli-Atienza-Ardila)

2015:10,6 km@4,8%---21:58---average speed 28.95 km/h(Fabio Aru)
                              ---22:16---average speed 28.56 km/h(Ryder Hesjedal)
                              ---22:22---average speed 28.44 km/h(Rigoberto Uran)
                              ---22:32---average speed 28.22 km/h(Steven Kruijswijk)
                              ---22:54---average speed 27.77 km/h(Pellizotti-Konig-Rosa-Caruso)
2011:10,6 km@4,8%---22:45---average speed 27.96 km/h(Joaquim Rodriguez)
                              ---23:50---average speed 26.69 km/h(John Gadret)
                              ---23:55---average speed 26.59 km/h(Scarponi-Kruijswijk-Contador-Menchov)
                              ---24:12---average speed 26.28 km/h(Roman Kreuziger)
                              ---24:15---average speed 26.23 km/h(Jose Rujano)
2005:10,3 km@5,0%---21:54---average speed 28.22 km/h(Jose Rujano)
                              ---22:10---average speed 27.88 km/h(Juan Manuel Garate)
                              ---22:12---average speed 27.84 km/h(Van Huffel-Gonchar-Savoldelli-Valjavec)
                              ---22:20---average speed 27.67 km/h(Gilberto Simoni)
                              ---22:55---average speed 26.97 km/h(Mauricio Ardila)


  1. Need to take into account that today it was just Finestre and last part of Sestriere, in 2005 was similar lenght but with long Sestriere before. And that year Rujano attacked in the first Km, today the first 10 km were an ITT from Astana, so the people that make the record was sucking wheel at a good pace.

  2. Do you have times from tour de France in 1992, 1996 and 1999?

    1. In those editions, Sestriere was climbed from the other side, from Cesana Torinese.

  3. Ok thanks. Great site by the way.