Monday 9 September 2013

September 12th, 2000: Roberto Heras destroys the Angliru!


          It all started with a wild pace set by Kelme's great mountain domestique, Chechu Rubiera. They didn't even reach Viapará and the other mountain goat dressed in white and green, Escartin, with the leader Heras in his wheel, flew away from everybody. Robertito's decisive attack though, came on the first 20% ramps of Les Cabanes. Up to the finish line, the golden jersey wearer kept sprinting out of the saddle with tremendous ease. The beautiful ascent will make Roberto Heras the winner of the 2000 Vuelta a Espana. It remains the fastest ever ascent of the Angliru. By far. Una auténtica barbaridad...

2000:12,8 km@9,6%---41:55---average speed 18.32 km/h(Roberto Heras)-RECORD

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