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March 18th, 1995 : The day Il Poggio trembled under the wheels of Fondriest and Jalabert

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       The 1995 edition of La Clasicissima was held in a superb, spring weather. By the foot of Il Poggio, all the attacks were neutralized and the peloton counted around 50 riders. It was the Spanish team ONCE, which controlled succesfully the race. Their leader, Laurent Jalabert even had so amazing legs that he sent everyone a warning on Cipressa, attacking but then slowing down.
       Nevertheless, it was the Gewiss-Ballan team who took the race in their hands on the first slopes of the Poggio. Vladislav Bobrik started sprinting like he was chased by Satan himself. It wasn't the usual 30 seconds lead-out sprint. He managed to set a ferocious rhythm for almost 4 minutes! Placed in the 4th position of the group, Maurizio Fondriest immediately put in a devastating attack, riding a monster gear. After a few pedal strokes, only Jaja remained in his wheel. It was in this order they would pass the top of the Poggio, the famous left corner. Since Fondriest's attack until the top, they ride at a staggering pace, covering the last 1100 meters at more than 42 km/h!
      The time clocked at the top, 5:46, represents the absolute record of the legendary Poggio. While this was made possible primary because the brilliant work of Bobrik and the brutal attack of Fondriest, we cannot ignore other two important factors which helped them go so fast: a nice tailwind on the top and the drafting behind the TV motorbikes, occuring more than once. This makes the Poggio record even more untouchable for the future.

1995:3,7 km@3,9%---5:46---average speed 38.50 km/h(Fondriest-Jalabert)-RECORD

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