Saturday 5 June 2021

Mark Padun indurains La Plagne!

La Plagne 
2021:17,0 km@7,4%---45:14---average speed 22.55 km/h(Mark Padun)-start at 805m, finish at 2070m
2002:17,8 km@7,3%---48:43---average speed 21.92 km/h(Sastre-Armstrong)
                                  ---54:30---average speed 19.60 km/h(Michael Boogerd)
1995:17,8 km@7,3%---45:50---average speed 23.30 km/h(Miguel Indurain)-RECORD
                                  ---47:59---average speed 22.26 km/h(Pavel Tonkov)
                                  ---48:25---average speed 22.06 km/h(Pantani-Gotti)
                                  ---48:37---average speed 21.97 km/h(Alex Zulle)
1987:17,8 km@7,3%---52:45---average speed 20.25 km/h(Fabio Parra)
                                  ---55:06---average speed 19.38 km/h(Fignon-Fuerte)
1984:17,8 km@7,3%---52:20---average speed 20.41 km/h(Laurent Fignon)

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