Monday 24 May 2021

Flying Bernal destroys the Giau record!


Passo Giau 
2021:9,8 km@9,2%---32:45---average speed 17.95 km/h(Egan Bernal)-RECORD
                                ---33:30---average speed 17.55 km/h(Damiano Caruso)
                                ---33:55---average speed 17.34 km/h(Romain Bardet)
2018:8,3 km@9,2%---26:45---average speed 18.62 km/h(Ivan Sosa)-finish at 2093m
2016:9,8 km@9,2%---33:34---average speed 17.52 km/h(Scarponi-Nibali-Valverde-Kruijswijk-Majka-Uran-Chaves-Zakarin-Pozzovivo-Dombrowski-Nieve)
                                 ---34:25---average speed 17.08 km/h(Amador-Fuglsang)
2012:9,8 km@9,2%---33:53---average speed 17.35 km/h(Pozzovivo-Hesjedal-Basso-Rodriguez)
                                ---34:00---average speed 17.29 km/h(Rigoberto Uran)
                                ---34:13---average speed 17.18 km/h(Michele Scarponi)
                                ---34:53---average speed 16.86 km/h(Gadret-Nieve)
                                ---35:40---average speed 16.49 km/h(Cunego-Pardilla-Intxausti-Tschopp-De Gendt-Moreno) 
2008:9,8 km@9,2%---34:30---average speed 17.04 km/h(Contador-Ricco-Di Luca-14 riders group)
                                ---35:08---average speed 16.74 km/h(Sella-Rodriguez)
                                ---37:16---average speed 15.78 km/h(Kloden-Bosisio group)
2007:9,8 km@9,2%---34:07---average speed 17.23 km/h(Di Luca-Mazzoleni-Simoni-A.Schleck-Cunego)
                                ---35:00---average speed 16.80 km/h(Savoldelli-Pozzovivo-Petrov)
                                ---36:10---average speed 16.26 km/h(Garzelli-Bruseghin group)

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  1. Do you know who has the best climbing time on Passo Fedaia (Caprile side)? From the videos that I saw, from previous Giro editions, I think that Enrico Zaina has the record (Giro 1996) but I'm not sure.