Saturday 31 October 2020

Calm, slow day through Asturias


Alto de la Cobertoria
2020:9,6 km@8,9%---32:28---average speed 17.74 km/h(Marc Soler)
                                ---35:05---average speed 16.42 km/h(50 riders peloton)
2015:9,6 km@8,9%---31:00---average speed 18.58 km/h(18 riders peloton)
2014:9,6 km@8,9%---34:28---average speed 16.71 km/h(Fabian Cancellara)
                                ---34:54---average speed 16.50 km/h(60 riders peloton)

Puerto de San Lorenzo
2020:11,2 km@8,0%---36:05---average speed 18.62 km/h(50 riders peloton)
2014:11,2 km@8,0%---33:56---average speed 19.80 km/h(25 riders peloton)
2011:11,2 km@8,0%---32:41---average speed 20.56 km/h(Intxausti-Bruseghin)
                                  ---32:51---average speed 20.46 km/h(Daniel Moreno)
                                  ---33:04---average speed 20.32 km/h(30 riders peloton)

La Farrapona
2020:6,1 km@9,0%---19:42---average speed 18.58 km/h(Aleksandr Vlasov)
                               ---20:46---average speed 17.62 km/h(David Gaudu) 
2014:6,1 km@9,0%---17:43---average speed 20.66 km/h(Alberto Contador)
2011:6,1 km@9,0%---18:39---average speed 19.62 km/h(Juan Jose Cobo)
                                ---19:17---average speed 18.98 km/h(Rein Taaramae)


  1. At least they were flying at Colladona. I timed 16.02 for 6.8 km @ 6.5% which is not to bad.

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