Saturday, 18 May 2019

New generation of climbers, new record on Mount Baldy!

Mount Baldy
2019:8,1 km@8,4%---24:27---average speed 19.88 km/h(Pogacar-Higuita)-RECORD
2019:8,1 km@8,4%---29:47---average speed 16.32 km/h(Hall-Van der Breggen)
2017:8,1 km@8,4%---25:00---average speed 19.43 km(Talansky-Majka)
2015:8,1 km@8,4%---24:42---average speed 19.68 km/h(Julian Alaphilippe)
2012:8,1 km@8,4%---25:00---average speed 19.43 km/h(Robert Gesink)
2011:8,1 km@8,4%---24:32---average speed 19.81 km/h(Leipheimer-Horner)

1 comment:

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