Friday, 12 April 2019

Hard day but fast Arrate

Alto de Arrate-Usartza
2019:4,4 km@9,3%---12:47---average speed 20.65 km/h(Fuglsang-A.Yates-I.Izagirre)
2016:4,4 km@9,3%---13:15---average speed 19.92 km/h(Contador-Henao)
2015:4,4 km@9,3%---12:48---average speed 20.63 km/h(Henao-Zakarin)
2014:4,4 km@9,3%---13:04---average speed 20.20 km/h(Wout Poels)
2013:4,4 km@9,3%---13:33---average speed 19.48 km/h(Simon Spilak)
2012:4,4 km@9,3%---12:58---average speed 20.36 km/h(Contador-Valverde-Rodriguez-Froome)
2012:4,4 km@9,3%---13:06---average speed 20.15 km/h(Horner-S.Sanchez-Rodriguez)
2011:4,4 km@9,3%---13:03---average speed 20.23 km/h(Xavier Tondo)
2010:4,4 km@9,3%---12:32---average speed 21.06 km/h(Chris Horner)
2009:4,4 km@9,3%---12:12---average speed 21.64 km/h(Alberto Contador)
2004:4,4 km@9,3%---12:42---average speed 20.79 km/h(Roberto Laiseka)
1995:4,4 km@9,3%---11:55---average speed 22.15 km/h(Berzin-Zulle)
1992:4,4 km@9,3%---12:42---average speed 20.79 km/h(Franco Chioccioli)
1991:4,4 km@9,3%---13:24---average speed 19.70 km/h(Bugno-Indurain-Ugrumov)

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