Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Another year, the same Valverde

Jebel Hafeet
2019:10,9 km@6,8%---26:40---average speed 24.53 km/h(Valverde-Roglic-Gaudu)
2018:10,9 km@6,8%---26:25---average speed 24.76 km/h(Valverde-M.A. Lopez)
2017:10,9 km@6,8%---26:33---average speed 24.63 km/h(Rui Costa-Zakarin)
2016:10,9 km@6,8%---28:57---average speed 22.59 km/h(Tanel Kangert)
2015:10,9 km@6,8%---27:02---average speed 24.19 km/h(Esteban Chaves)

1 comment:

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