Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A new generation on Alpe di Pampeago

© Pentaphoto

Alpe di Pampeago
2018:7,5 km@10,0%---24:51---average speed 18.11 km/h(Lopez-Pinot-Sosa)
2012:7,7 km@9,9%---24:56---average speed 18.53 km/h(Ryder Hesjedal)
                                ---26:20---average speed 17.54 km/h(Roman Kreuziger)                             
2008:7,7 km@9,9%---25:19---average speed 18.25 km/h(Denis Menchov)
                                ---26:23---average speed 17.51 km/h(Emanuele Sella)                           
2003:7,7 km@9,9%---24:27---average speed 18.90 km/h(Gilberto Simoni)
1999:7,7 km@9,9%---24:00---average speed 19.25 km/h(Marco Pantani)-RECORD 
1998:7,7 km@9,9%---24:14---average speed 19.06 km/h(Pavel Tonkov)


  1. Is the climbing time by D. Pozzovivo in the Giro del Trentino 2010 known?

    1. Nope, I don't have it. No live broadcast then. And no Strava either.

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