Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The best, together on Mas de la Costa

Mas de la Costa
2016:3,9 km@12,5%---15:26---average speed 15.16 km/h(Contador-Quintana-Froome-Chaves)
                               ---16:33---average speed 14.14 km/h(Mathias Frank)


    Bahamontes climbed the second half of PdD (1959 TT) at about a corrected speed of 1875 m/h for 486 m in 16:23 with 12 kg of equipment. The correction being (65+12)/(65+8) reducing his time for 488 m vertical to 15:32. Basically same level as today's 4 musketeers.

  2. What Bahamontes did was incredible, I have the video... but I cant believe those numbers...

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