Tuesday 12 April 2016

Alberto Contador, back to Verbier level!

2016:4,9 km@9,7%---14:48---average speed 19.86 km/h(Alberto Contador)
                             ---15:11---average speed 19.36 km/h(Nairo Quintana)
                             ---15:34---average speed 18.89 km/h(Sergio Luis Henao)
                             ---15:39---average speed 18.79 km/h(Adam Yates)
                             ---15:41---average speed 18.75 km/h(Miguel Angel Lopez)
                             ---15:49---average speed 18.59 km/h(Thibaut Pinot)


  1. Do you pretended to compare a non ITT stage in the half of le Tour as Verbier with an ITT starting with a climb, where Contador has always done a very good intermediate point? Of course he is not close to 2009 as you show in your data in you previous post: 1 minute slower in Arrate, no more to say.

    1. Sorry, but the Verbier level is far away from the 2016 Contador. It's not even the 2014 level. Its a solid spring with two very good days at Malhao and Arrate. All the other days were not enought to be a Tour-winner in 2016. Quintana shows his Highlight at Catalunya, were he destroyed him. Froome will show his Highlights at Romandie and Dauphine. So its equal to all the other years. First MTF at le Tour: Booooom for all non Sky Riders ;)

    2. Hey skyBOY(Anonymous), what do you think about Froome now?? Did he show his Highlight at Romandie? JAJAJA

  2. This is only my opinion, I could be wrong. Nonetheless, it was an exceptional fast ascent.

  3. Yes, it was...that Contador in 2009 belong to another era when most of people had no legal help. So both of them are impressive climbs, but from different circunstances. For me is more impressive 2016 although is clearly below from 2009 numbers. Of coure with this numbers contador is favourite to win the second ITT in TdF and to get a place on the podium if he play well his cards as usually and has good luck.