Sunday, 13 March 2016

Contador and Porte go hard on Col d'Eze

Cote de Peille
2016:6,6 km@7,0%---16:00---average speed 24.75 km/h(Alberto Contador)-Source:Strava
                             ---17:00---average speed 23.29 km/h(30 riders peloton)-Source:Strava

Col d'Eze
2016:9,6 km@4,7%---19:32---average speed  29.49 km/h(Contador-Porte) *
2015:9,6 km@4,7%---20:18---average speed 28.37 km/h(Richie Porte)
2013:9,6 km@4,7%---19:16---average speed 29.90 km/h(Richie Porte)
2012:9,6 km@4,7%---19:12---average speed 30.00 km/h(Bradley Wiggins)
2007:9,6 km@4,7%---19:15---average speed 29.92 km/h(Alberto Contador)  *                    
2005:9,6 km@4,7%---19:58---average speed 28.85 km/h(Jaksche-Pellizotti-16 riders group) *
2001:9,6 km@4,7%---19:15---average speed 29.92 km/h(Dario Frigo)
2000:9,6 km@4,7%---19:28---average speed 29.59 km/h(Andreas Kloden)
1989:9,6 km@4,7%---19:47---average speed 29.12 km/h(Stephen Roche)
1988:9,6 km@4,7%---20:06---average speed 28.66 km/h(Sean Kelly)
1987:9,6 km@4,7%---19:42---average speed 29.24 km/h(Stephen Roche)
1986:9,6 km@4,7%---19:40---average speed 29.29 km/h(Sean Kelly)
1985:9,6 km@4,7%---20:47---average speed 27.71 km/h(Stephen Roche)
1984:9,6 km@4,7%---20:36---average speed 27.96 km/h(Sean Kelly)
1983:9,6 km@4,7%---20:15---average speed 28.44 km/h(Sean Kelly)
1982:9,6 km@4,7%---20:45---average speed 27.76 km/h(Sean Kelly)
1981:9,6 km@4,7%---21:04---average speed 27.34 km/h(Stephen Roche)
1980:9,6 km@4,7%---20:23---average speed 28.26 km/h(Gerrie Knetemann)
1979:9,6 km@4,7%---21:17---average speed 27.06 km/h(Joop Zoetemelk)
1978:9,6 km@4,7%---20:09---average speed 28.59 km/h(Gerrie Knetemann)
1976:9,6 km@4,7%---20:46---average speed 27.74 km/h(Michel Laurent)
1975:9,6 km@4,7%---20:54---average speed 27.56 km/h(Joop Zoetemelk)
1974:9,6 km@4,7%---20:34---average speed 28.01 km/h(Joop Zoetemelk)
1973:9,6 km@4,7%---20:41---average speed 27.85 km/h(Joop Zoetemelk)
1972:9,6 km@4,7%---19:59---average speed 28.82 km/h(Raymond Poulidor)
1971:9,6 km@4,7%---20:39---average speed 27.89 km/h(Eddy Merckx)
1970:9,6 km@4,7%---20:09---average speed 28.59 km/h(Eddy Merckx)
1969:9,6 km@4,7%---20:35---average speed 27.98 km/h(Eddy Merckx)

*  Col d'Eze was ridden during a road stage and not during an individual time trial.


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