Sunday 13 September 2015

La Morcuera decides the Vuelta!

© Graham Watson/Unipublic

Puerto de Navacerrada
2015:7,4 km@7,4%---21:42---average speed 20.46 km/h(Jose Goncalves)
                            ---21:57---average speed 20.23 km/h(Plaza-Warbasse-Moser group)
                            ---25:57---average speed 17.11 km/h(Peloton)
2009:7,4 km@7,4%---19:40---average speed 22.88 km/h(Cobo-S.Sanchez-Valverde-Mosquera-Evans-Basso-Tiralongo)

© Graham Watson/Unipublic

Puerto de la Morcuera 
2015:11,3 km@5,6%---28:40---average speed 23.65 km/h(Ruben Plaza)
                              ---32:32---average speed 20.84 km/h(Peloton)

© AFP Photo/Jaime Reina

Puerto de la Morcuera
2015:7,2 km@7,3%---18:53---average speed 22.88 km/h(Aru-Quintana-Majka-Rodriguez-Chaves-Landa)
                            ---19:09---average speed 22.56 km/h(Nieve-Dumoulin)
© AFP Photo

Puerto de Cotos
2015:9,3 km@5,7%---21:27---average speed 26.01 km/h(Majka-Quintana)
                            ---22:00---average speed 25.36 km/h(Rodriguez-Losada-Aru-L.L. Sanchez-Chaves-Landa)


  1. Great, finally I found website with statistics and short info, without unnecessary words. I like form of your posts 'Climbing records' :) I can't see records from Tour de Pologne, why don't you read about it? Best, regards!

    1. Hi :) Maybe you will if Tour de Pologne will start using hard climbs instead of Bukowina Tatrzańska. Thanks for dropping by!

    2. I cant see your email address. Can you send me message to I have some questions :)