Sunday 2 August 2015

Cataclysmic performance on Senhora da Graca!


Senhora da Graca
2015:8,4 km@7,4%---21:10---average speed 23.81 km/h(Brandao-Veloso)
                                 ---25:07---average speed 20.07 km/h(Filipe Cardoso)
2014:8,4 km@7,4%---21:53---average speed 23.03 km/h(Pinto-Veloso)
2013:8,4 km@7,4%---22:48---average speed 22.11 km/h(Sergio Pardilla)
2012:8,4 km@7,4%---21:53---average speed 23.03 km/h(Rui Sousa)
2011:8,4 km@7,4%---21:48---average speed 23.12 km/h(Broco-Mestre)
2010:8,4 km@7,4%---21:36---average speed 23.33 km/h(David Blanco)
2009:8,4 km@7,4%---21:52---average speed 23.05 km/h(Cabreira-N.Ribeiro)
2008:8,4 km@7,4%---21:14---average speed 23.74 km/h(Juan Jose Cobo)
2001:8,4 km@7,4%---22:00---average speed 22.91 km/h(Zintchenko-Jeker-Mercado)
                                ---25:00---average speed 20.16 km/h(Jose Luis Rebollo)


  1. Hi. Just quick question. Aren't those values higher than those shown at this year's TdF? Froome was estimated at 6.1w/kg i think, and that climb you have there by my calculations is at 6.3w/kg or 6.4w/kg even. Can't be right or can it?

    1. And before anyone says i forgot to add that those values are all scaled to about FTP effort. The effort done today is close to 7w/kg for 20 minutes.

    2. Difficult to compare. Still for a 20 minutes effort, it was no doubt a world class peformance