Saturday, 21 May 2016

The favourites watch each other in Friuli mountains

2016:8,5 km@9,0%---27:43---average speed 18.40 km/h(Giovanni Visconti)
                            ---27:50---average speed 18.32 km/h(Dombrowski-Atapuma-Nieve)
                            ---28:35---average speed 17.84 km/h(40 riders peloton)

Cima Porzus
2016:7,7 km@9,0%---23:58---average speed 19.28 km/h(15 riders peloton)

2016:5,9 km@7,8%---16:45---average speed 21.13 km/h(Fuglsang-Majka-9 riders group)
                            ---16:53---average speed 20.97 km/h(Andrey Amador)
                            ---17:34---average speed 20.14 km/h(Jungels-Hesjedal)

1 comment:

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