Friday, 27 May 2016

Nibali finds his lost watts on the road to Risoul

Colle dell'Agnello
2016:9,0 km@9,7%---34:05---average speed 15.84 km/h(Michele Scarponi)
                             ---34:05---average speed 15.84 km/h(Nibali-Chaves-Kruijswijk)
                             ---34:55---average speed 15.47 km/h(Valverde-Zakarin group)
2011:9,0 km@9,7%---36:46---average speed 14.69 km/h(Di Gregorio-Gesink-Westra-Zeits-Leipheimer-Arroyo-Moncoutie-Jeannesson)
                             ---37:25---average speed 14.43 km/h(60 riders peloton)
2007:9,0 km@9,7%---32:39---average speed 16.54 km/h(Piepoli-Simoni-Cunego-Mazzoleni-Di Luca-A.Schleck-Garzelli)
                            ---33:07---average speed 16.31 km/h(David Arroyo)
                            ---33:30---average speed 16.12 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)
                            ---34:00---average speed 15.88 km/h(David Zabriskie)
                            ---34:18---average speed 15.74 km/h(Wegelius-Sella-Pozzovivo-Pellizotti-Villa-Arroyo group)          
2000:9,0 km@9,7%---33:05---average speed 16.32 km/h(Gilberto Simoni)
                            ---33:16---average speed 16.23 km/h(Jose Chepe Gonzalez)
                            ---33:26---average speed 16.15 km/h(Conti-Casagrande-Garzelli-Piepoli-Buenahora-Tonkov-Noe)
                            ---33:40---average speed 16.04 km/h(Marco Pantani)
                            ---34:14---average speed 15.77 km/h(Paolo Lanfranchi)

Station de Risoul
2016:12,8 km@6,9%---33:36---average speed 22.86 km/h km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)
                               ---35:00---average speed 21.94 km/h(Majka-Valverde-Uran)
                               ---36:18---average speed 21.16 km/h(Steven Kruijswijk)
2014:12,6 km@6,9%---31:45---average speed 23.81 km/h(Vincenzo Nibali)-RECORD
                              ---32:20---average speed 23.38 km/h(Rafal Majka)
2013:13,9 km@6,7%---36:47---average speed 22.67 km/h(Froome-Talansky)
2010:12,8 km@6,9%---32:36---average speed 23.56 km/h(Nairo Quintana)
2010:12,8 km@6,9%---34:21---average speed 22.36 km/h(Nicolas Vogondy)

Important mention
Nairo Quintana's time from 2010 was recorded during a 13,5 km individual time trial.

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